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Day 4 Hebrews 2:5-18

Read Hebrews 2:5-18

What makes something perfect? Is it in in the flawlessness of the object, or in the usefulness of the object? Is a cup perfect because it is made of china and painted well, or because it holds liquid without dripping?

In today’s passage, we read that “for a little while” Jesus “was made lower than the angels.” This seems contradictory to what we’ve read about Jesus already. However, we see that Jesus is perfect in two ways. 

Firstly, as the perfect man, the Son of God born into human flesh. Not inferior to the angels but born into the realm of flesh. The second way in which we see the perfection of Jesus is in His suffering (2:10). In order for our sin-debt to be paid, nothing less than a perfect human, one who knew no sin, could die in our place. Jesus is made perfect through His completed work of dying on the cross. He is fully qualified as the one to redeem God’s people by the covering of His blood (10:10; 1 Peter 1:2). This is what the Old Testament priests did. Instead of their blood, however, it was the blood of an animal. However, Jesus, would take on the role of priest (2:17) and the role of blood sacrifice. Only by doing this, could we be saved. 

This salvation has two results: a new identity for believers, and the defeat of God’s enemy. See what Jesus calls those he saves: Holy (11), family and brothers (11-12) and God’s children (13). This new identity is shared with God’s Son who himself was made into human flesh (14, cf. Phil. 2:7). He shares our humanity, even to the point of our death! But by taking on death as the perfect Saviour, he defeats the great enemy who “holds the power of death” (14). Satan is the master of death in so much as he is the one who seduces us to rebel against God and to come under sin’s penalty, which is death. 

The Son of God born into human likeness, through his suffering salvation defeats Satan and death and makes us like him. We are made free then to fight sin and temptation, and to place all our hope and faith in our Saviour Jesus, who is able to help us!


  1. In Hebrews 2:10 we read that Jesus is made perfect through his suffering. What suffering did Jesus endure?
  2. In what ways does Jesus’ suffering help us (2:18) and how does this help us to fight sin in our lives?


Father God, thank you that Jesus died a human death as a perfect sacrifice in my place, so that I may be free from the slavery of sin, and be adopted into the family of God. Help me to fight sin as a loving response to you. Amen.