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Call to Worship

Welcome. Open your Bibles and read Psalm 57:1-6.


Spend some time in prayer entrusting yourself to God as your refuge and asking for him to be glorified in your life and over all the earth.

Song – Holy, Holy, Holy

Play the following song, and sing along!

Interview and Bible Reading

Kids Section

Kids Talk

Kids Song – Jesus is the King

Kids Resources

Parents print off the following documents to use with your kids.

Last Supper Activity

New Testament Bible Reading

Open your Bible and read Matthew 17:1-13. 

Sermon – ‘Jesus and his Glory’ (Outline Below)

Sermon Outline

The Divine Glory of Jesus…

  1. Revealed to Peter, James and John
  2. Revealed by God the father
  3. Revealed by Moses and Elijah
  4. Revealed by John the Baptist

Questions for discussion:

  1. What hobbies, activities, and people do you spend most of your time with? How do these things affect your thinking and behaviour? Do you find yourself imitating others?
  2. If we become like what we behold, then what does it look like to behold Christ today while he is not physically present?
  3. How does this passage speak of Christ’s superiority over Moses and Elijah?
  4. Read Colossians 3: 5-17. Idolatry seeks to displace the divine glory of God. How does being transformed in the likeness of Christ help us to fight the sin of idolatry?

Song – All Glory be to Christ



Finish your time together by reading Psalm 57:7-11