They sent them out Acts 13-14 Jon Blyth
Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Acts 15-16 Jon Blyth
I have many people in this city Acts 16-18 Jon Blyth
Ephesus – A tale of two cities Acts 18-20 Sam Gregory
Take Courage Acts 21-23 Jon Blyth
The hope of the resurrection Acts 23-26 Jon Blyth
Proclaiming Jesus with all boldness Acts 27-28 Jon Blyth


To the ends of the earth Acts 1:1-26 Jon Blyth
They were filled with the Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-13 Jon Blyth
Repent and be baptized Acts 2:14-41 Jon Blyth
All the believers were together Acts 2:41-47 Jon Blyth
Faith in the name of Jesus Acts 3:1-26 Ryan Rudolph
Salvation in the name of Jesus Acts 4:1-22 Ryan Rudolph
God’s grace was at work among them Acts 4:23-37 Ryan Rudolph
The awesome presence of God Acts 5:1-16 Jon Blyth
Counted worthy of suffering Acts 5:17-42 Jon Blyth
Stephen, full of God’s grace and power Acts 6-8 Steve Lister
This man is my chosen instrument Acts 9:1-31 Jon Blyth
God does not show favoritism Acts 9:32-10:48 Jon Blyth
The Lord’s hand was with them Acts 11:1-30 Jon Blyth
The word of God continued to flourish Acts 12:1-25 Jon Blyth