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‘Have You Forgotten Something?’ – Romans 11:1-10

Some of us love label makers; stamping our name on stationery, books and Tupperware. In contrast, some of us conveniently lose name tags at conferences. The giving and receiving of labels can be risky business, but it’s all the more risky if we base our faith on a label. Romans 11:1-10 reveals the reason why we need to claim grace alone with firm adhesion.

Sermon: Gareth Tyndall. Readings: Isaiah 29:11-21, Romans 11:1-10

Intro — Did You Just Label Me?

  1. Have You Forgotten Who I Am? (vv1-2a)
  2. Have You Forgotten Who God Is? (vv2b-6)
  3. Have You Forgotten Who You Are? (vv7-10)