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Day 8 Hebrews 4:14 – 5:10

Read Hebrews 4:14 – 5:10

Some people have really confident personalities. I often admire their capacity to be completely unashamed, from whether it is asking for discounts in a store to asking someone out, no matter how many times they get rejected! Then there’s the kind of confidence it takes to meet her Majesty, the Queen of England. You would need to remember all the rules of being in her presence, such as never talking to her in the first unless she first speaks to you! “Your Majesty!”

How confident are you to approach God? If the Queen requires laws governing your conduct around her, how much more in your approach to God? In today’s passage, however, we are given reason to have great confidence to approach the ‘throne of grace’, where we will find mercy, grace and help!

The reason for our confidence is found in none other than Jesus, our great high priest. Although high priests were common throughout the Bible, there is only one who is great and only one who is the Son of God. His life, death and resurrection are the grounding of our faith. In days of old the high priest would enter the tabernacle into the presence of God on behalf of the people of Israel. But Jesus the great high priest would enter the heavenly tabernacle into the full presence of God on our behalf. Although tempted by the devil, this perfect priest knew no sin. That’s incredible, we have the great high priest, the Son of God speaking for us. And remember this great truth about Jesus; not only is He the Son of God, but also he came as a man! So do not feel distant from Him. He understands our weakness, he knows our faults. That is why we are to have confidence, not in ourselves, but in Him, the one who did not fail God. In Jesus we find one who walks ahead of us, showing us mercy and grace and help in our times of need. He lived perfectly in every way that we ought, and He leads us to everlasting life. 


  1. Why is sin a big deal, according to today’s reading?
  2. Why can you go to Jesus with full confidence that he can deal with your sin problem?
  3. Have you ever been tempted to find salvation, rest or peace in other things, institutions or people? How is Jesus greater than these things?
  4. Although we are not perfect, how can we be priests to those around us?
  5. Have a look at Jesus’ prayer life from verse 7. What can you learn from Jesus example and how can you implement it today?


Father God, thank you that we can approach your holy throne with full confidence, that instead of seeing our sin, you see the sacrifice made by your Son Jesus, the ultimate, perfect, high priest. Help me to fight my sin more and more each day, trusting in the saving blood of Jesus. Amen.