A place to connect, even in a pandemic

The coronavirus is changing the way we do everything. Most of us are trying to work out what the new normal looks like, and that includes the way we connect at church.

One thing we can be sure of is the hope we have in God and his promises. Our great God continues to care for his people and he continues to build his church. As his people we want to draw close to him and to one another through this crisis. The form of our regular Sunday and mid-week gatherings has changed dramatically, but we are still God’s people called to know, live, and share his grace in Jesus Christ.

For the time being many of our face-to-face gatherings have moved online, this includes Sunday services, small groups, and most mid-week ministries. Embracing these new formats is an important way for us to love one another as we seek opportunities to connect with and encourage one another.

The outline below will give you a sense of the ways to connect with God and one another at St Aidan’s through this time. You might also like to sign up to the weekly St Aidan’s News, keep up with other updates by liking our Facebook page, and take time during the week to contact one another.

The General Office of the Presbyterian Church in NSW is providing guidance for us, see their latest updates here: PCNSW Updates

Connect on Sundays

Online Service

Participate in the Online Service. Consider joining with a few other people as you worship in your home. DVD’s are available for those without internet.

Kids Church

Enjoy the special Kids section of the Online Service. Learn more and connect with friends on the Kids Church Padlet.

‘Morning Tea’ @10.00am

Join with your church family on Sunday for a catch-up ‘Morning Tea’, discussion, and prayer. Follow the link from our Online Service page to take part on Zoom.

Church@5 Online

Our 5pm service is meeting entirely live online. Follow the link from our Online Service page to take part on Zoom.

Connect Through the Week

Tuesday Prayer Meeting

Now that restrictions have eased for small groups, our Tuesday morning prayer meeting is restarting in the church hall, 7.30-8.30am.

Small Groups

Some groups are restarting meeting face to face, others continue to meet either on Zoom. Contact us to join.

Kids Club & SAYGE

Continuing to meet Friday’s on Zoom. Kids Club 5.30-6.30pm. SAYGE 7.30-8.30pm.

Weekly Newsletter

Subscribe to St Aidan’s weekly news to stay updated with all the church family news.

Sign up for our newsletter

Phone calls

Elders, ministry leaders, and our pastoral care network are calling to check in and hear what needs people have. Who could you phone to say hello?

Connect with our Community

The Mission Continues

Our recent sermon series reminded us that while many programs are canceled, God’s mission is not. We are still sent as his disciples to make disciples of others. Listen to that series for some ideas.

Connect with your neighbours

This is a time when we can show love those who live on the same street. Why not deliver some #viralkindness cards offering help, or drop your neighbours a note.

Your ideas?

How are you connecting with others and sharing the gospel at this time? Let us know your ideas so we can keep making the good news known to our community.