Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission: What we exist to do

Knowing, living, sharing the grace of God in Jesus Christ

Our Core Values: What’s most important

  • We value the gospel as ‘the power of God for the salvation of every one who believes’ — the good news that God came to us in his Son, Jesus Christ, that Jesus died for our sins and rose victorious from the tomb, and that consequently we have eternal life through him, if, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we turn to him as our Lord and trust him as our Saviour. We recognise that ‘there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved’.
  • We value the grace of God that gives us salvation when we do not deserve it and could never earn it. In response to that grace we seek to live as God has called us to — with a faith that is shown by holiness, righteousness and love.
  • We value the Bible as God’s reliable, authoritative Word. We value the preaching of that Word. We seek to defend its truth, obey its precepts and submit to its authority over all aspects of our life.
  • We value the Father’s gift of prayer through which the Holy Spirit upholds us and strengthens us in Christ, in all that we do until His return.
  • We value the church, the body of Christ, chosen by God and gathered by Him at St Aidan’s to declare His praises by loving one another and working together to grow in Christ. We value unity in our church, with a diversity of generations, backgrounds, styles and ministries. We recognise that we are one church, gathering as multiple inter-dependent church families.
  • We value making the gospel known to others by sharing the content of the gospel in words and by demonstrating the implications of the gospel in our lives.
  • We value demonstrating love – because God first loved us. In response we seek to love our church family and community through sacrificial, prayerful and practical care. We seek to express God’s love by caring for and welcoming people of all backgrounds and nations.
  • We delight in God and we seek to Glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.

Our Vision: Who we want to be

  1. a prayerful church acknowledging who God is in prayer and prayerfully depending on Him,
  2. an obedient church seeking God’s direction through His Word,
  3. a discipling church sharing God’s grace, using our gifts, delighting in Jesus, and proclaiming the Gospel,
  4. a caring church where all visitors feel genuinely welcomed and where everyone is nurtured and knows that they belong,
  5. an actively involved church doing good in the wider Wagga community,
  6. an evangelistic church, holding out the light of the Gospel to people of all backgrounds and cultures.
  7. an involving church using specialized ministries to grow members in love of Christ and each other,
  8. a diverse but united church made up of multiple inter-dependent congregations who each foster their own fellowship while caring about and supporting the other congregations.