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Welcome! At St Aidan’s we’re all about Knowing, living, sharing the astounding news of God’s grace toward us in Jesus Christ.

On Sundays we are now meeting in two locations for our three gatherings:

9 O’Clock Church at St Aidan’s – 62 Coleman St, Turvey Park

ten30church at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church – 75 Coleman St, Turvey Park

church@5 is now on a break over summer, in it’s place we gather at the Wagga beach together for food and fellowship and to enjoy the summer evenings. church@5 will resume for 2018 Sunday 28th January at St Aidan’s. 62 Coleman St, Turvey Park.

2014 Sermons

In the steps of Jesus:
Jan 5       In the steps of Jesus: The journey continues (Acts 1:1-12)   Jon Blyth

Jan 12     In the steps of Jesus: Ephesus  (Acts 19:1-22)                     Sandy McMillan

Jan 19     In the steps of Jesus: Indonesia? (Matthew 28:16-20)          Sandy McMillan

Jan 26     In the steps of Jesus: Australia? (Isa 52/Rom10)                   Sandy McMillan

1 Samuel: Seeking the King

Feb 2 “The gift of Samuel” (1 Sam 1:1-2:11) Jon Blyth
Feb 9 “Corrupt leadership” (1 Sam 2:12-4:22) Jon Blyth
Feb 16 “God helps his people” (1 Sam 5-7) Jon Blyth
Feb 23 “Israel demands a King” (1 Sam 8-12) Sandy McMillan
Mar 2 “The failure of Saul” (1 Sam 13-15) Sandy McMillan
Mar 9 “God’s choice of King” (1 Sam 16-17) Sandy McMillan
Mar 16 “Kings in conflict” (1 Sam 18-20) Jon Blyth
Mar 23 “The King in waiting” (1 Sam 21-25) Jon Blyth
Mar 30 “Saul’s final demise” (1 Sam 26-28) Sandy McMillan
Apr 6 “God’s proven King” (1 Sam 29-31) Sandy McMillan

Core Values: What Matters most

May 4 “The gospel of God” (Romans 3:21-26) Sandy McMillan
May 11 “The grace of God” (Titus 2:11-3:8) Sandy McMillan
May 18 “The Word of God” (1 Peter 1:22-2:3) Sandy McMillan
May 25 “The listening God” (Hebrews 4:14-16) Jon Blyth
June 1 “The people of God” (Ephesians 3:1-13) Jon Blyth
June 8 “The proclamation of God” (2 Cor 5:11-21) Jon Blyth
June 15 “The love of God” (1 John 4:7-21) Jon Blyth
June 22 “The beauty of God” (Psalm 27) Sandy McMillan


June 29 “Seek the Lord”          (Zephaniah 1:1-2:3) John Van Every (9am)                             Rob Scriven (10.30 & 5pm)
July 6 “God of the nations”   (Zephaniah 2:4-3:8) Benjamin Shuhyta
July13 “New day dawning”      (Zephaniah 3:9-10) Jonathan Holland (9am & 5pm)                 James Davidson (10.30)

James: Faith that works

July 20 “Faith on trial” (James 1:1-18) Jon Blyth
July 27 “Faith in action” (James 1:19-27) Jon Blyth
August 3 “Faith and favourites” (James 2:1-13) Sandy McMillan
August 10 “Faith that works” (James 2:14-26) Sandy McMillan
August 17 “Faith and wisdom” (James 3:1-18) Sandy McMillan
August 24 “Faith and fights” (James 4:1-12) Jon Blyth
August 31 “Faith and the future” (James 4:13-5:12) Sandy McMillan
September 7 “Faith and prayer” (James 5:13-20) Sandy McMillan

Matthew 11

September 21 The coming of the kingdom (Mt 11:1-15) Michael Whitelaw
September 28 The warning of the kingdom (Mt 11:16-24) Jon Blyth
October 5 The invitation of the kingdom (Mt 11:25-30) Benjamin Shuhyta

Jonah: Surprising Grace

October 12 “The prophet who ran” (Jonah 1) Sandy McMillan
October 19 “The prophet who turned?” (Jonah 2) Sandy McMillan
October 26 “The God who saves” (Jonah 3) Jon Blyth
November 2 “The God who shows mercy” (Jonah 4) Jon Blyth

Questions for God
9th November            “What in hell is judgment all about?”             Ian Smith

16th November          “Isn’t the church full of hypocrites?”              Sandy McMillan

23rd November         “Is belief still possible in the 21st Century?”    Jon Blyth

30th November         “Where is God when it hurts?”                       Steve Blyth

Luke 1-2: Christmas revealed

December 7 Revealed to Luke (Luke 1:1-4) Sandy McMillan
December 14 Revealed to Zechariah (Luke 1:5-25; 57-80) Sandy McMillan
December 21 Revealed to Mary (Luke 1:26-56) Jon Blyth
December 25 Revealed to some shepherds (Luke 2:1-20) Sandy McMillan
December 28 Revealed to Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:21-40) Jon Blyth

2015 Sermons

Old Songs for a New Year:

January 4 “Find your hope in God” (Psalm 42-43) Jon Blyth
January 11 “Find your strength in God” (Psalm 46) Jon Blyth
January 18 “Find your joy in God” (Psalm 47) Rob Scriven
January 25 “Find your treasure in God” (Psalm 49) Jon Blyth

The coming Kingdom (Luke 3-9):

February 1 Preparing for the Kingdom (Luke 3:1-4:13) Jon Blyth
February 8 The Purpose of the Kingdom (Luke 4:14-44) Jon Blyth
February 15 The Call of the Kingdom Luke (5:1-32) Jon Blyth
February 22 The Controversy of the Kingdom (Lk 5:33-6:16) Sandy McMillan
March 1 The Constitution of the Kingdom (Luke 6:17-49) Sandy McMillan
March 8 The Greatest in the Kingdom (Luke 7:1-50) Sandy McMillan
March 15 The Word of the Kingdom (Luke 8:1-21) Sandy McMillan
March 22 The Demonstration of the Kingdom (Lk 8:22-9:17) Sandy McMillan
March 29 The Recognition of the King (Luke 9:18-50) Jon Blyth

Easter – Resurrection:

April 5 A new hope (1 Peter 1:1-12) Jon Blyth
April 12 A new life (1 Peter 1:13-2:3) Gareth Tyndall

Deuteronomy – Our life with God:

April 26 The faithful God (Deut 1-3) Sandy McMillan
May 3 The one and only God (Deut 4:1-43) Sandy McMillan
May 10 The gracious God (Deut 4:44-6:25) Sandy McMillan
May 17 Living by God’s grace (Deut 7-11) Andrew Carmichael
May 24 Loving God in worship (Deut 12-16:17) Jon Blyth
May 31 Loving God in detail (Deuteronomy 16:18-26:19) Jon Blyth
June 7 Blessings, curses, & new hearts (Deut 27-30) Jon Blyth
June 14 Hope in God’s promises (Deut 31-34) Jon Blyth

Weekend Away – Mark Adams’ three talks and workshop:

Bible talk 1: “Rest: The Goal of God’s Creation” (Genesis 1:1-2:3)

Bible talk 2: “Work: The Power to Love” (Genesis 1:26-31; Philippians 2:5-11)

Bible talk 3: “Relationships: Two Become One” (Genesis 2:4-25)

Workshop on Busyness (NOTE: This has been edited to take out sections of interaction that were inaudible. The thrust of what we learnt remains)

Prayer 101:

July 19 The gateway to prayer (Psalm 1) Sandy McMillan
July 26 The heart of prayer (Psalm 2) Sandy McMillan
Aug 2 The cry of prayer (Psalm 3) Jon Blyth
Aug 9 The evening prayer (Psalm 4) Sandy McMillan
Aug 16 The morning prayer (Psalm 5) Sandy McMillan
Aug 23 The humility of prayer (Psalm 6) Sandy McMillan

Habakkuk – Wrestling with God:

August 30 Why don’t you do something? (Habakkuk 1:1-11) Jon Blyth
September 6 Why are you silent? (Habakkuk1:12-2:20) Sandy McMillan
September 13 Living by faith (Habakkuk 3) Jon Blyth

2 Corinthians – His grace is enough:

Sept 20 Comforting grace (2 Cor 1:1-11) Sandy McMillan
Sept 27 Faithful grace (2 Cor 1:12–2:13) Jon Blyth
Oct 4 Glorious grace (2 Cor 2:14–4:6) Sandy McMillan
Oct 11 Powerful grace (2 Cor 4:7–5:10) Sandy McMillan
Oct 18 Reconciling grace (2 Cor 5:11–6:10) Sandy McMillan
Oct 25 Restoring grace (2 Cor 6:11–7:16) Sandy McMillan
Nov 1 Generous grace (2 Cor 8:1–9:15) Sandy McMillan
Nov 8 Authentic grace (2 Cor 10:1-11:15) Jon Blyth
Nov 15 Sufficient grace (2 Cor 11:16–12:13) Jon Blyth
Nov 22 Sanctifying grace (2 Cor 12:14–13:14) Jon Blyth


Dec 6 Jesus welcomes children (Mark 10:13-16) Jon Blyth
Dec 13 Jesus welcomes us (Mark 6:30-44) Sandy McMillan
Dec 20 Jesus welcomes people (Mark 11:15-17) Jon Blyth

2016 Sermons

Christmas 2016

December 18 Bethlehem’s Surprise (1 Samuel 16:1-13)
December 25 Life’s a Gift (Matthew 1:18-25)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

November 6 Revelation 1 “The revelation of Jesus”
13 Revelation 2-3 “Jesus and his church”
27 Revelation 4-5 “Jesus and his throne”
December 4 Revelation 6 “Jesus and his victory”
11 Revelation 7 “Jesus and his redeemed” (Start of recording missing)

Romans 8 – talks by Gareth Tyndall (third talk was not recorded)

October 9 Living in the Spirit (Romans 8:1-13)
October 16 Adoption, Creation, Redemption (Romans 8:14-25)

1 Thessalonians: Being God’s Church

August 21 The Effective Church (1:1-10) Benjamin Shuhyta
August 28 Gospel Ministry (2:1-16) Jon Blyth
September 4 Gospel Love (2:17-3:13) Jon Blyth
September 11 Gospel Behaviour (4:1-12) Jon Blyth
September 18 Gospel Hope (4:13-5:11) Jon Blyth
September 25 A Gospel Church Working (5:12-28) Jon Blyth

Joshua: God is faithful

June 12 Every promise fulfilled Jon Blyth
June 19 The promise and the prostitute Jon Blyth
June 26 The promised gift Jon Blyth
July 3 The problem with the promise Jon Blyth
July 24 Presumption and the promise Jon Blyth
July 31 The promised victory Jon Blyth
Aug 7 Receiving the promise Jon Blyth
Aug 14 Living under the promise Jon Blyth

The Christian Hope (audio quality poor)

July 10 The Christian Hope Part 1 (1 Corinthians 15) Rob Scriven
July 17 The Christian Hope Part 2 (2 Peter 3) Rob Scriven

Genesis 1-3: Beginnings

May 1 The God who creates (Genesis 1) Sandy McMillan
May 8 The humanity God made (Genesis 1:26-31) Sandy McMillan
May 15 The rest God created for (Genesis 2:1-14) Sandy McMillan
May 22 The relationships created for God (Genesis 2:15-25) Sandy McMillan
May 29 God’s world broken by sin (Genesis 3) Sandy McMillan
June 5 The mission God sends us on (Genesis 12:1-9) Sandy McMillan

Easter: A matter of death and life

Good Friday “The death of death” (Romans 5) Sandy McMillan
Resurrection Sunday  “His life, our life” (Romans 6) Sandy McMillan

Luke 9-19: Following Jesus

January 31 Jesus’ discipleship training (Luke 9:51-10:24) Jon Blyth
February 7 Jesus’ kingdom priorities (Luke 10:25-11:13) Sandy McMillan
February 14 Jesus and opposition (Luke 11:14-54) Jon Blyth
February 21 Jesus and true security (Luke 12:1-34) Sandy McMillan
February 28 Jesus and being ready (Luke 12:35-13:9) Sandy McMillan
March 6 Jesus and entering the kingdom (Luke 13:10-35) Jon Blyth
March 13 Jesus and feasting (Luke 14:1-35) Jon Blyth
March 20 Jesus’ call to the lost (Luke 15:1-32) Jon Blyth
April 3 Jesus’ money, and the kingdom of God (Luke 16:1-31)  Sandy McMillan
April 17 Jesus and faith (Luke 18:1-34) Benjamin Shuhyta