Church this Sunday, June 25

Welcome! At St Aidan’s we’re all about celebrating the astounding news of God’s grace toward us in Jesus Christ. We gather on Sundays at 9am, 10.30am, and 5pm, and hope to see you at a time that suits you best.

This Sunday John Rowse will be preaching at all three services. John is a missionary we support who has an important ministry helping pastors in Africa to understand and appreciate more full the wonderful doctrine of grace, and how not only are we justified by grace alone but grace also is means of our ongoing growth as believers.

This weeks Bible readings are Isaiah 52:13-53:6 & Romans 8:9-30.

Recent sermon series – Numbers: ‘Walking in His Promises’

April 30 ‘The People of His Promises’ Numbers 1-6
May 7 ‘The Promise of His Presence’ Numbers 7-10
May 14 ‘The Promise of His Provision’ Numbers 10-12
May 21 ‘The Patience of His Promise’ Numbers 13-14
May 28 ‘The Promise of His Protection’ Numbers 15-19
June 4 ‘The Promise of His Victory’ Numbers 20-21
June 11 ‘His Promises Cannot Fail’ Numbers 22-24
June 18 ‘Walking in His Promises’ Numbers 25-36